Pen Drive HP 128GB512GB2TB USB 30 Flash Drive

Pen Drive HP 128GB512GB2TB USB 30 Flash Drive

Pen drive hp 128gb512gb2tb usb:

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1. Interface: USB 3. 0;

2. USB connection, support hot plug&play;

3. USB service voltage: 4. 5v-5. 5v;

4. No external power requirement;

5. Support several types of os;Win98/ME/2000/xp/visa/win7/win8. 6. Mac OS 9. x/LINUX2. 4 or above;

7. A solid state storage, provashock and electromagnetic proof;

8. Write/place of protection;

9. Durable data storage;

10. The fast speed in writing/transfer was to read and read at high speed, no need to drive/power power just power on;

11. Hardware requirements: PC with USB connection, notebook, mac;

12. Storage life: more than 10 years; Class class hood can be erased repeatedly for 100,000 times;

13. Capacity: 128GB/512GB/2TB

【Overcoat capacity】

Flash flash memory products are usually shipped in compliance with 1MB = 1000KB, 1G = 1000MB computing, but operating using binary arithmetic 1MB = 1024KB, 1GB = 1024MB, 1T=1024GB, are some differences between display capacity and standard capacity . This is calculation difference between the manufacturer and our PC.

‘Speed ​Agreement’

Reading: 16Mb-20Mb/S

Write Rate: 6-10 Mb/S

Speed ​results for different conditions, using software, copy the file type is different, speed measuring results are also different.

【Heads up】

*To avoid data loss or mechanical damage, do not power your computer or turn off flash disk during transfer.

*Please do not remove your USB flash drive when it is used otherwise your data may be lost.

*After using USB flash drive, it is better to remove it. This will help extend your storage life.

*Please don’t shape your USB flash drive too often, otherwise the USB will be damaged easily.

【Included packaging】

1x USB flash drive

1x Android OTG

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